Sunday, 22 September 2013

In Which I Lose My Denim Skirt Virginity

That's right. I have never ever owned a denim skirt. I think it's because the high street offers such limited choices. I've never had the legs to pull off the box shaped mini skirt, and too often longer length skirts are either in unflattering shades of denim, or burdened with ill-advised patches, lace or flowers. Maybe I'm just fussy, but I know what I like, and I haven't found it yet.

I didn't think I would ever sew a denim skirt - it wasn't really on my list of must have items. Until, that is, I met the Kelly skirt pattern. You all already know that I love this pattern. I mean, I've made two already! I made this denim version in between the corduroy and polka dot versions, and it has quickly become a wardrobe staple. I love it!

Excuse the crumpled hem. I'm not the most dedicated ironer in the world
There's not a great deal to say about this version now! It's all been said already. It was a dream to sew up, as always, and easy enough to add my favourite French seams to the inside. I knew I didn't want the usual metal buttons that often come on denim clothing, and instead went with these super cute blue and white stripe plastic buttons. I got them from Crafty Ribbons at a craft fair in Belfast and I love them with this skirt. (I also got grey polka dot buttons but have yet to find a home for them.) I think they make this skirt look less like a traditional denim skirt and a bit more sweet and feminine.

Although I learned my lesson about top stitching thread with my corduroy Kelly, I purposefully chose not to use it on this one either, because I wanted a softer look with less defined stitch lines. I used two metres of 7.5 oz indigo denim, and it was easy to sew with a denim needle - much easier to press and sew than the corduroy! I lined the pockets using left over teal cotton poplin I had in my stash. All in all, it was an easy, satisfying make, and a proper wardrobe staple.

So how much did it cost?

Pattern: stash
Fabric: 2m at 8.99p/m - £17.98
Buttons: £2.00
Thread, interfacing etc: stash
Total: £19.98

Not bad at all. It's definitely a price I would pay for the right RTW piece, which as I said, hasn't materialised yet, so I'm very happy with it.

For the time being I'm done with the Kelly pattern. That's not to say I won't make another in the future, especially if I find myself in need of a quick and easy casual skirt. I don't want my wardrobe to be overwhelmed by Kellys but it was definitely a pattern well worth buying and I can't recommend it enough!


  1. Love your skirt, your buttons always look so neat!


    1. Thanks :) I think my pictures are a bit deceptive though as my buttons and buttonholes tend to look a bit shabby in real life. When I get to that stage, I'm always too impatient to wear the item that I don't bother spending too much time on them!

  2. Your skirt looks great, I love the buttons.

    1. Thanks! I think I spend more time agonising over button choices than fabric :)