Sunday, 23 June 2013

In Which I Shamelessly Plug My New Blog

It's been pretty hectic round these parts recently! I haven't done much clothes sewing, because I've been working like a mad thing on items for my Etsy store. I also moved the store blog over from Wordpress (which I could never get to grips with) to the lovely Blogger, and already I'm enjoying it tons more! I really think you should check it out, especially if you enjoy cross stitching and/or are a little bit nerdy :) There's also a giveaway going on which will end tonight.

That being said, I am starting to work on clothing again. I had a broderie anglaise picnic blanket skirt nearly finished before I got married, and it's really just a matter of doing the hem, buttons and button holes, so I should really get on that. I also plan to make a few blouses and skirts before I go on holiday at the end of July. In other unexpected happenings, I have jury duty in a few weeks (blergh!) and don't really have any jury suitable clothing in my ready to wear wardrobe, so it looks like my linen Hollyburn will be getting A LOT of use that week!

Once again, sewing saves the day :)

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