Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Inevitable Wedding Round-Up Post

So although I still haven't gotten the pictures from the photographer back (for various, and totally understandable reasons), I think I've gathered enough shots from various friends and family to be able to give you all a look and our big day! Some of these shots are from camera phones, so I apologise in advance for the poor quality. There also seemed to be a disproportionate amount of photos of people (myself included) throwing crazy shapes on the dance floor, so I'll leave most of those out! You may also notice that I look terribly awkward in any posed shots, which is why we asked our photographer to take more candids - I do not photograph well in general!

Although I enjoyed the wedding, it was over awfully fast. For all the planning put into it (and I'm sure a lot of couples would say the same) it did seem to be a bit of a blur! Though now my evenings are blissfully free, with no more crafting or planning, and I'm enjoying that a lot!

This post will probably be long and picture heavy, so feel free to jump ship at any point!

The groom (in the middle) and his best men. I made the bunting on the ceiling and it looked amazing with the mirrors in the room. The blue flags had the Tardis on it!
Handmade goodies!! The flags were instead of confetti, and people did wave them, which was great! The vintage hankies were just hand stamped with 'for happy tears'. The wedding program took FOREVER to get right! I wrote it all myself, printed and bound it with a row of machine stitches down the spine. It had a personalised crossword, wordsearch and a groovy magic eye (which said 'WE DO!' though few people managed to see it!)
One of the paper crane curtains we made. There were two in the ceremony room, and single origami cranes everywhere! Our bridesmaids along with my brother, sister in law and friends helped put the rooms together the night before the wedding. They were awesome! Thanks guys!!
My bouquet - my mum made these with flowers we picked up at the supermarket - no need for expensive florists!
I was so nervous here, and I've no idea why! Funny that! Despite the fact that we already have kids, live together etc etc, and had tried to convince ourselves the wedding was no big deal, we both suffered nerves terribly!

This was out guestbook - we had our wedding reading (which was 'The Day The Saucers Came' by Neil Gaiman) blown up and printed with a wide white mount around it for people to sign. We're planning on hanging it in our hall.
One of the tables - each one was named after a geeky fandom we love! This one was Gallifrey - the home planet of the Doctor. I made all the paper flower centrepieces as well as the fabric fortune cookies on the side plates. All the fortunes were slightly nerdy too - I was told there was a lot of reading at the wedding, and since I love to read, that's no bad thing!
The flowers had paper cranes in, obviously, and little figures representing each table name - you can just make out a red Dalek in this one.
My favourite part of the day! Our Dr Who inspired cake :)
Our first dance, with two of our sons.
Our youngest son dancing by himself!
One of the only photos I actually managed to get on the day with my mum in it! (In the pink dress)

This conga was done to Adam Ant's 'Prince Charming' :)
Last dance of the night - Bohemian Rhapsody with everyone on the dance floor :)

You know, this is the first time I've had a good look at all the photos, and it really does help jog my memory! Despite it seeming like a whirlwind, it really was a great day!


  1. I never tire of seeing the photos was an amazing day, thanks to all your makes and planning. I still cant believe your Dad got me up on my doggy knee, to do the Conga ...I really had so much fun that day.

  2. Its all so fabulous and personal to you guys ^_^ and I love that last black and white photo of you and steve :) so cute!

  3. Brings back HAPPY memories of a great day!We are all still talking about it #bestweddingever

  4. It really was an unforgettable day. Everything was so different and just so Emma (and Steve) and the fighting and thieving that went on at the end of the night about who was taking what home still gives me nightmares!

  5. Wow, everything looks amazing, your dress is gorgeous!! How fab to have so many handmade touches, you must be able to make paper cranes in your sleep now :)

    I think your own wedding always seems like a blur, mine certainly did!


  6. Love your dress! I love your delightful mix of geekiness throughout your special day! I felt the same about my own wedding... so much planning and it felt like the actual day went in a flash.

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