Thursday, 2 May 2013

Back to Reality

So, I'm back from Belfast and it's official, I'm now a wife. To be honest, so much of the wedding is a blur, and since we had only two days honeymoon, it feels like we've come back to reality horribly quickly. In fact, we spent the last week with a poorly boy on our hands, as our youngest came down with a nasty tummy bug that he really couldn't seem to shift. The honeymoon is truly over.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the wedding, and really appreciated the decorations I had spent months making. In fact, there was a battle or three over who got to take home the table centrepieces. It felt good to know that all my hard work wasn't for nothing! I don't have very many photos yet, but hopefully I should be getting the professional ones back soon, and I'll be able to do a proper wedding roundup post :)

In the meantime, this post is serving two purposes - one, I'm letting everyone know that my Etsy store is open once again, and I'll be refocusing on that until uni starts in the autumn. So expect new cross stitch patterns and accessories in lovely, nerdy fabrics! If you haven't already, you should pop over to the store's Facebook page to keep up to date with all the goings on.

The second purpose is to share that I was given the Liebster award by Claire of I want to be a turtle (awesome blog name!) I've only recently started blogging with a vengeance again, because when I finally decided to take the plunge into serious sewing, the sewing blogger community was a huge inspiration and help to me, and I wanted to be an active part of that. So I'm happy that other sewists read my blog too :)

The Liebster award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers, which is most definitely me! I have to answer ten questions posed by Claire, and nominate 10 other bloggers to do the same. I had a stab at answering the questions, but I think it's fair to say my brain is like swiss cheese at the moment, so I struggled more than I should have, which is embarrassing. I also couldn't find ten bloggers I follow who fit the criteria who haven't already had the Liebster award - it seems to have down the rounds pretty thoroughly! So while I'm super touched to receive the award, I won't be passing it on in the usual way. I will, however, suggest you check out Claire's blog and also have a look at Lost in Japan, which I'm obsessed with at the moment. Ashley is pretty much living my dream - before I settled into domestic bliss, I had planned to move to Japan. Obviously that didn't pan out for me, but it did for Ashley and her blog is genuinely fascinating.

So anyway, that's it for now but I plan to be back soon, hopefully with a post about the crepe de chine Tova I threw together before I left for Belfast :)


  1. You made me blush! Stop! Hehe. You've encouraged me to continue to try to fix up and stay active on my blog!
    I'm with you... I find so much inspiration in the online sewing community. Japan is wonderful but sewing is definitely not popular here, so I find solace online.
    Congrats on your wedding! Can't wait to see the pics! I'm intrigued to see this crepe de chine Tova too...

  2. Congratulations MRS!!! So glad you and your guests enjoyed the day after all your preparations!

  3. Congratulations, can't wait to see some photos!!


  4. Congratulations on your marriage! Please do share some photos soon! I can't wait to see them! So excited for you. X

  5. Congratulations, I'm really pleased that everyone loved your decorations. I can't wait to see your photos!