Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spur Of The Moment Sewing

So today, I was writing lists. I like lists. A lot. And since in about 2 weeks we'll be packing up our car with kids and crafts and wedding clothes, I need a lot of lists. Today's list was a detailed shopping list. Usually I don't take a list to the supermarket, I just note down a few keys things that we've run out of on my phone, and buy the usual quantities of everything else. But I thought this would be a good opportunity to use up a lot of the things in our cupboards and freezer before we go to Belfast, and I plan only to buy essentials. Hence the list.

This particular shopping trip also includes things I don't usually buy but need for wedding purposes - like a decent nail file, and insoles and a garment bag for my other half's suit. So I found myself checking through my make-up, to see if I needed anything, and despairing over my lack of a large enough make up bag. I have several tiny ones, which makes it hard to keep track of everything. But I could do with a big one to keep all the important wedding day cosmetics in one place and thus reducing the chances of a pre-wedding rage meltdown when I can't find the mascara. 'I'll add that to the list,' I thought. And then I realised, 'Hang on, I can just make one for free.' Which is what I did.

I had some grey patterned linen in my stash that I got in a remnant bundle a few years back, and liked, but couldn't decide on a project to use it in. This seemed like the perfect fit. I also rustled up just enough waterproof lining fabric and a black zipper and got to work. The interesting thing about this linen, which I got from Seamstar, was that it appeared to have the Virgin Mary on it. On my remnant, she was only visible at the edges, so it's just speculation (maybe Catholic school makes you see religious imagery everywhere) but it sure looks an awful lot like her, or is at least reminiscent of her. This isn't something I've seen before on fabric in any of the stores I usually buy from, and Seamstar didn't have any more of it listed, so I've no way of checking. It just struck me as odd.

It took me about an hour to put this together. I contemplated adding a cotton lining with the waterproof layer sandwiched in between, but I figured it'd be much easier to wipe down the waterproof fabric if something spills, so I didn't bother in the end. I used an A4 piece of card as a template, and added 1/2 inch on each side for seams. Then it was just a matter of inserting the zip at the top, stitching around all the edges and turning. Not sophisticated, but plenty good enough for my needs.

One side (excuse my manky ironing board)
The other side

Simple waterproof lining

Big enough to hold everything I could ever need!
This is why I love learning to sew. Today I would have spent money on a make-up bag without thinking about it, but thanks to my sewing machine, I was able to save myself a little bit of money, while also enjoying the satisfaction of creating something that I truly needed.


  1. Well done you ...lets face it you can make anything....looks brilliant xx

  2. Great idea! My make-up bag is too small too, and I am always trying to cram things into it!

  3. Looks fab Emma! And I think it looks like the Virgin Mary too, so it's not just you :)