Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picnic Blanket Skirt Refined

So after my recent post about my picnic blanket skirt woes, I set it aside for a bit, feeling disheartened. But today I set about fixing it so I feel more comfortable wearing it in the future, and I think I've succeeded.

Sorry about the headless picture, but I'm not looking great today! Also, you can't really get a sense of length in this shot, because my other half has literally no idea how to take a photo and doesn't take direction well. The waistband meets up more evenly than it looks in the picture, I just hadn't adjusted it properly. I feel I've made my peace with the gathers, and have accepted that my arse looks wide in everything, because it is! I didn't dare take a photo from behind though, so you can judge for yourselves. Sorry about that too. The fact remains, however, that I will be leaning towards patterns with little or no gathers in future.

I was relieved to hear that I'm not the only person who had the problem of gaping between the top two buttons. Kerry from Kestrel Finds and Makes mentioned that she solved the problem with a popper, but I didn't have any to hand, so I used a hook and eye to stop the gaping. It works rather well. In the end, I didn't move the top button to tighten the waistband, as I felt in the long run, I'd be more grateful for having a little breathing room (and room for big dinners!)

The skirt did have a bit of a mishap though. Whilst lying forlorn on the spare bed, my cat Ivy took to sleeping on it, and, unbeknownst to me, had a good chew on the fifth button down. I think you can just make out in this picture how it's slightly lighter than the rest. She did away with the shiny finish on the wood completely and now it's all rough to the touch. I didn't have more of these buttons to hand, but when I'm ordering fabric next, I'll probably replace it. It didn't seem to do the cat any harm, thankfully!

I thought I would style this skirt with white t-shirts or blouses, but in reality, it felt a little too reminiscent of the colourful plaid based school uniforms that were so familiar while growing up in Belfast. This may be a personal association, and I'm not sure if it would look like a school uniform to the casual observer, but for now, I think I'll be sticking to other colours. If spring ever arrives, my trusty brown wedges will look great with this skirt, but until the snow goes, it'll have to live in the wardrobe!


  1. Ha ha ha! Love the cat anecdote!!
    Your skirt looks really good and well worth the extra effort.

    1. My cats just seem to gravitate towards newly purchased fabrics or freshly sewn garments. I swear they have a vendetta against me!

  2. It looks great, the coloured top looks perfect with it!

    My husband is also useless at photos and most of mine on the blog are headless, I am the most unphotogenic person ever!!


  3. This looks great on you...job really well done ...I love the choice of colour for the top ...much better than white I feel.

    I still have not had a reply about the joining of the vouchers yet ....maybe the office staff dont work at weekends !!! I wish we had transferred you money instead. xxxx

  4. This looks great, well done. I hope you get to wear it soon!

    And yes, ditto with the husband photo thing! Just doesn't get it.