Saturday, 16 February 2013

Best Man's gifts with a Twist

Two posts in one week! What is the world coming to?

Just thought I'd share a small wedding update - our gifts for our best men arrived today (well, yesterday, but they were being held hostage by the customs people at the post office.) We put a lot of thought into these, and I did quite a bit of research online. Seems that most people give hip flasks, cufflinks or some kind of crystal or glass. We didn't really want to go down that route, and were looking for something a little bit more useful regardless of whether it was traditional or not. Enter Dirty Deeds Soaps. Originally we were going to get two of the simple shave sets, with handmade beer soap, a wooden soap holder and shave brush, but just before I ordered, their handmade aftershave caught my eye. They come in metal hip flasks, and I thought it was a really neat little twist on the traditional best man's gift. So we got a couple of those too.

A lady called Heather from the store advised us on which scents to choose, and we went with manly, cologne type scents - Green Tweed for the soap and Bay Rum and Lime for the aftershave (on a side note, a few weeks back I was watching Ripper Street and noticed that the fantastic Sgt. Drake was using Bay Rum aftershave. If it's good enough for Bronn, it's good enough for any man!) While the tyranny of Royal Mail meant that additional customs charges had to be paid (not to mention their ridiculous 'handling' charge), the box included a small sample of Vanilla Sandalwood soap and a full sized bar of Cedarwood Eucalyptus soap which more than made up for it. I would really recommend Dirty Deeds Soaps if you're looking for a gift for the man in your life - I couldn't really find anyone in the UK who did something comparable, and as nice (on Etsy at least.) I just thought they were so cool that I wanted to share, and since neither best man reads this blog, it's safe enough to do so without ruining the surprise :)


  1. These look fab, I have no idea what my hubby gave his best man, I bet it wasn't as good as this though!


  2. Hi! Just discovered your blog. Thanks for the link to mine on your bar on the right!

    When we got married, we had 2 best men - my husband's 16 year old (at the time) son, who did the ring bit, and my husband's brother who did the official witness and speech bit! The brother got a Celtic share and the son got a Kilmarnock FC programme (from an important game, so I believe!). And my brother, who was the usher, got a vintage vase - his choice!

    You are right to go with something different! Who uses a hip flask anyway?