Friday, 30 November 2012

Wedding Craftiness

It has been brought to my attention that I've been horribly lazy in regards to updating this blog (not the exact words used, but whatever.) I thought it had only been a month, 6 weeks tops, since I last updated, but lo and behold, my last post was in June. Oops. I can only offer flimsy excuses, such as summer holidays, wedding planning and running our Etsy shop, combined with an outbreak of chicken pox followed by a nasty cold (the kids, not me.) Oddly, I've been crafting more than ever, but some things, like the wedding stuff, I want to keep close to my chest so as the wedding guests haven't seen everything before they even get there. That being said, I'll have a few sneak peeks for you today.

First is this lovely glass cake stand, one of six that were donated by my bridesmaid Clare. They were used at her brother's wedding and they'll form part of our table centrepieces too. We had been worried about the flowers being overshadowed by the mass of cups and glasses that litter a wedding dinner table, and had been at a loss for how how to elevate them a bit. The cake stands solve that problem brilliantly and fit in with our vintage-y look.

Next it's part of our cake topper, which I'm showing now only because I think it may get overlooked at the wedding itself.

I'm not a huge fan of traditional wedding cake toppers (I'm not a huge fan of traditional wedding anything, but that's another story) so of course we had to think up something awesome. Simple Lego bride and groom figures seemed too boring too, so, in a flash of inspiration, we decided to create these. Since hubby to be is from London, and I'm from Ireland, we found appropriate Lego costumes (a Royal Guard and a Leprechaun) and heads that looked most like us (mine isn't nearly as spot on as his is!) We just have to make some adjustments to my head to make the hat sit at a jaunty angle, and then we're all set :)

And also, rather excitingly, our wedding rings arrived. They were handmade by the wonderful Chris Parry and have our fingerprints inside. Mine has his print inside and vice versa.

I also sorted out the favours for the male guests. Again, for a while I was at a complete loss for what to do. I wanted the favours at the wedding to be a bit more special than the usual fare, but not wildly expensive. I decided to opt for tins of mints, but then finding suitable tins for under £1 each (which was my budget) was next to impossible. Then, one day I was browsing Amazon and stumbled upon a 12 pack of Altoids for £11, so job done! We covered them in scrapbook paper, and now they're all ready to go.

So wedding stuff is picking up steam. Invites are also about 85% completed, and I'll be sending them out at the beginning of January. I've also bowed to public pressure and established a colour scheme. Despite my insistence that I didn't want a colour scheme, there's a huge part of me that's really quite precise about these types of things, and I'm slightly obsessed with the idea of coherence in whatever it is I'm doing, be it decorating my house, stocking our shop or planning this wedding. So I set the colour scheme as yellow and blue, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Tardis blue cake, despite everyone thinking that it is. I can't say enough times that my perfectionist nature doesn't extend as far as matching a cake to my wedding colours, but nobody believes me. The cake is blue because the Tardis is blue. The wedding colours are blue and yellow because there's yellow in my dress and I accidentally stumbled on a blue bridesmaid dress that I loved, while searching for alternatives when my sister basically refused to wear yellow. Things that won't be included in this colour scheme include, but aren't limited to, table decor, flowers, favours and invites, so it's pretty loose.

So anyway, that's my wedding update, but I'll be back soon with more craftiness and photos of the results of the mountain of sewing I've been doing over the past two months.


  1. Glad to see you posting those tins neatly covered too ...glad things are comming together ...and that you have a loose colour scheme ...good luck for Saturday. xx

  2. Lego Steve looks just like him! :D Also, loving the rest of the stuff, it looks fab :D