Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Comeback Kid

Apologies for being gone for so long. I'm studying creative writing at the minute and it appears to be using up all my writing mojo as well as my will to live. Besides that, I've also got wedding panning stuff going on. For those who aren't aware yet, the wedding was moved forward to April 18th next year, and while a year seems like plenty of time to sort things out, when you're making a lot of the decor, favours etc yourself, it actually seems like no time at all. Plus, the boyfriend and I have completely opposing tastes in music, which is becoming a major problem, as choosing ceremony music is making me want to kill him :(

I've also changed the direction and focus of my etsy store, moving away from completed cross stitch samplers, which weren't selling well, and on to original geeky patterns that customers can stitch themselves. We've invested in pattern making software and we've already made 4 sales this week. That might not seem like a lot, but it's super exciting for us. If any of you are cross stitch inclined, head over and check it out. We're really flexible about custom orders too - I just made a tinkerbell pattern for a customer, even though it's not something we usually would do, so if you would like something different, just ask! And be sure to pass it on! All funds go towards our wedding, so we'd appreciate any shout outs you could give us.

In other shop news, I will be maintaining another blog specifically for the store, including news on new patterns, works in progress and discount codes. You can find it here and I recommend you become a follower too :D I have a new Twitter account specifically for shop news too, @capesandcrafts, and if you're very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a creature rarer than a unicorn. The tweeting boyfriend! There's already a discount code active and available through to the end of May. You can find it at the bottom of this Daily Waffle article. And finally, a Facebook page for the shop, where I'm hoping people will be able to share photos of their completed patterns! I'm updating stock at least twice a week and we've got tons of new pattern ideas knocking around our brains, so there should be a great amount of choice pretty soon.

Doctor Who pattern - £2.30

Black Books quote pattern - £2.30

Game of Thrones Night's Watch oath pattern £2.30
My eyes practically bled designing that last one, and discovering I'd left out a bit at the beginning almost made me give up completely, but it's one of my favourites now, so I'm glad I didn't! So remember to check the store regularly, make it one of your favourites and pass it on if you like it. We'd be super grateful :D

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