Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wedding Planning and Other Hijinks

So, it's the beginning of a new year and a perfect chance to start some new projects in earnest. The biggest and most daunting of which is planning a wedding. That's right, the boyfriend wonder finally stepped up and popped the question. Ideally we would have had the wedding next April or May, but some good friends are getting married in France next summer, and we can't really afford to throw a wedding and go to France in the same year. Plus, a lot of our guests would be attending both, and it's not really fair, as they'd all have to travel to Belfast for our big day. So it'll be spring 2014, which isn't really all that far away when you think about it. Especially when we'll only have a few trips to check out venues etc. However, I've already started looking at venues - the Ulster Museum and the Grand Opera House are the current front runners.

Ulster Museum wedding - Photo credit (and stunning wedding photos) here
 You can't see it in that picture, but there's a Triceratops skeleton on the second floor, which both me and the boyfriend wonder agree is just awesome!

As the wedding will be a semi DIY affair, this blog may become a tad more wedding orientated, especially as I'm buying many things early to try and spread the cost. Some of the wedding favours will be made by me, likewise the confetti alternatives for the service. And of course, we must get back on track with our crane folding! In an attempt to drum up some cash for the big day though, I'm going to be opening an etsy shop next month which will be called Capes and Crafts and will sell mostly cross stitches and bunting of the nerdy variety.

All the proceeds will be going towards the wedding fund, and I may even be buying my dress next month, as I've seen it on etsy and want to snap it up before someone else does! However, some aspects of the wedding are already causing headaches, as there are those who are probably a bit surprised by how untraditional and offbeat it'll be. When I laid down my 'no speeches' rule, I was almost immediately informed that I 'have to have speeches.' Of course, the only things I 'have' to do are the legal parts. So there may be a few cases of not backing down on traditional aspects which don't feel right for us.

Also, rather pathetically, during one of our wedding discussions, it was discovered that both I and the boyfriend are most excited about the prospect of at least one night in a hotel without the kids! As terrible as that sounds, I've never spent a night away from the kids, and I could certainly use it!

Stay tuned for more etsy updates as I start to fully stock my store, and a post about the best fabric seller I've found on eBay.


  1. I think that venue would be amazing ...and who needs speeches ...Pete and I didn't way back in 1968 ...and it was a totally DIY affair too.
    I need to post you your 2 other presents ...keep forgetting ...cant believe Jan is nearly over.xx

  2. We got these great big bags of biodegradable flower petals instead of confetti (in colours that match the theme!) and I bought (although it would be quite easy to print and make) little boxes to divide it up into- I think its nicer than real confetti and cheaper than pre-packed mini boxes.
    Please post lots more of your wedding inspirations! (oh and I kinda wish I could have a triceratops at my wedding reception too...)
    ...also, just be selfish! Its your wedding, people will go regardless and don't fret and stress over something you don't really want.