Friday, 18 November 2011

Stash Attack!!

Recently I've been trying to hunt down some Christmas fabric that isn't ridiculously expensive. While some of the designer fabrics are really cool and a bit different, they're a bit too expensive to buy in any great amount. So i decided to just buy basic printed cotton in Christmassy themes. But, imagine my surprise when a trip to my local fabric store revealed hideously twee Christmas cottons which were the same price as designer ranges. Ultimately I was just looking for something understated to make some bunting and maybe a table-runner or two, and I didn't want to spend a fortune. Luckily, a recent visit to my parents' house in Belfast resulted in a trip to the single most amazing fabric store I've ever been in - Paragon Fabrics on Donegall Pass. Seriously. if you live in Northern Ireland and you love sewing, get yourself down there. Fabrics are reasonably priced and they have absolutely everything under the sun and the staff were really lovely and helpful. I could easily have spent a ton of money in there. I came away with this little bundle....

I will be busily turning it into all sorts of festive decorations over the next few weeks, and will attempt to keep the blog updated with my progress.

I also found myself the recipient of an unexpected stash windfall. My nana, who originally taught me to knit, gave me two bags full of yarn and assorted knitty type stuff. Unfortunately she finds she can't manage knitting much these days, and had no use for it all anymore. Here are a few photos of some of the stuff I was lucky enough to bring home with me (thank goodness we had the car!)

 I've never knitted with this type of fluffy yarn before, and I've heard that it's notoriously slippery, but my nana uses it to make all sorts of stuffed toys (that's a teddy bear's tummy in the front) as well as scarves, and I'm thinking I can make some cute little hedgehog cuddlies with some of it.

She also gave me this lovely blue and cream yarn - a full project's worth, I reckon - along with a book full of knitting projects for babies and toddlers. There's a lovely zip up cardigan in it that I'm thinking of knitting for Olly, but he's growing that fast, I had better get a move on! There was a knitting magazine from 1992 in there too and loads of patterns, so I have lots to be getting on with.

There was also some fabric panels, interfacing and fleece wadding - too much to show. This is my favourite though. A fabric panel with the A-Z of Christmas on it. I just have to sew on the borders and the backing and I can use it as a wall hanging. After I iron it, of course.

So that's my newest stash - with Christmas fast approaching, an endless bout of colds and flu in the house and various writing commitments, I'm pretty busy. So much so that I won't even mind if we get snowed in this winter, as I have plenty to do :)

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  1. Wow ...what a haul of goodies ...cant wait to see the fruits of your labours. xx