Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lopsided Christmas Trees and Green Lantern Stitches

At last! Some finished projects!! I started these knitted Christmas trees absolutely ages ago. But I had some problems with the yarn which put me off finishing. I had used some scraps I had in my knitting bag, but they knitted up in slightly different sizes. That's what I get for never checking the gauge of my work. As a result, the sewing up part, always my least favourite bit of a knitting project, was a bit fraught, and my enthusiasm evaporated quickly. But, a quick burst of motivation (mostly caused by my desire to sort out my stash and get my bedroom tidy) meant that they are now finished and ready to share.

The evening winter sun did nothing for my already questionable photography skills. Anywho, these were originally inspired by this project for potted knitted trees, but the dowel, pots and florist foam would have made this less a fun, thrifty seasonal project and more of an epic, costly undertaking. As you can see, my trees are neither as perky nor as well constructed as the ones in the pattern, but I put that down to rubbish wool and an extreme aversion to sewing knitting up. As the boyfriend wonder says, they are charmingly rustic. I'm going to thread some ribbon through the tops and hang them somewhere in my house come Christmas. I am also going to buy some suitable yarn and give them another go, this time with a little more attention to detail. Maybe Santa will bring me patience this Christmas and I'll become a slightly less slap-dash knitter.

Now for some more cross-stitching - my latest crazed obsession. I think I'm taking to it so well because, unlike knitting, it is something I'm actually good at (perhaps because a cat could do it if it had thumbs.) The second of my three superhero projects was the Green Lanterns of Earth - a collection of some of the biggest asshats in the DC universe. I am not a fan. But the boyfriend wonder and the kidlets are, and since it is intended for their superhero bedroom, who was I to argue. Here they are, in all their glory, still in the hoop. I have yet to find a frame for them.

And that's it for now. I am crossing everything that I'll have a slew of Christmas sewing projects finished very soon (or at least started, which is almost the same thing.) Plus, the seed of yet another obsession is forming in my brain as we speak, so there might be that too. Ooohh...cryptic!

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  1. I love your trees ...infact it has inspired me to maybe give knitting another go ...I looked back to see the original tree and I like yours even better as they look less like dutch hats!! and they will look cute hanging. I could see a collection of even smaller ones ,decorating a tree.