Saturday, 29 October 2011

Crafty Avengers

Double posting alert!! If you read both my blogs, you'll be treated to this post twice. And if you follow me on twitter, three times :)

This is my latest crafty project all finished. Well, I say latest - I started it almost a year ago, but academia got in the way and I've only now got around to completing it. I've already started on the next one, and have plans for many more - I may have found a new addiction!

 The super reflective glass was a bit of a nightmare to photograph, so apologies for the poor quality. I got the pattern for this from the fantastic wee little stitches on etsy. If you're itching to do some stitching I strongly suggest you check them out. They have all sorts of cool patterns, from The Breakfast Club, to Ghostbusters and Doctor Who. Lots of fun and easy to stitch - well worth $6 of any one's money.

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