Friday, 14 October 2011

Cosplay for Kids

My exam is over and done with and the relief is astonishing. So naturally, I got immediately down to the very pressing business of creating hallowe'en costumes for my twins. Hallowe'en is a big deal when you're a geek parent, and, as per usual, the boyfriend wonder had hugely ambitious plans. Unfortunately, I'm not quite a wizard with the sewing machine just yet, so some adjustments had to be made to his original idea.

Working with what we already have, we've decided to persuade the boys to dress as Thor. This is kinda the look we're going for.

Only, you know, with less lightning. And a little simpler.

We already have the helmets, so we can check that off the list. A while back, I made the twins capes, and as is their way, they were pretty much worn out within a month. So, using a new pattern, some plain red cotton and ribbon (now that I'm convinced they won't strangle themselves) I've made pretty nifty replacements. I'll be writing up yet another tutorial for those next week. Likewise, their Thor hammers now look like they've been attacked by a family of foam-loving beavers but alas, it turns out those particular hammers are like gold dust now. So the chewed look will have to do.

The rest of the costume cost practically next to nothing to make, but I'm quite chuffed with how it's looking. I bought two navy t-shirts for under a pound each, removed the sleeves and sewed up new seams. I found some silver card at home and cut 6 circles for each shirt and then glued them on with E6000 glue that I bought for another project. Then I layered the t-shirts over grey long-sleeved shirts for his armour (and also for warmth, it's cold in October in Scotland you know!) and I have yet to make the wrist bands, but it's on my list, along with  possibly a belt. They'll be wearing it with jeans and wellies, in all likelihood, but that hardly matters. I still think it'll look pretty kick ass.

And don't worry, as soon as possible, I'll get photos of the kids proudly wearing this - unless ,of course, by that time Jake is still sulking because he wants to be Bumblebee. There's no pleasing some people.

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