Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Proof that my kids have been brainwashed.

As if proof was needed that I'm warden to three tiny geeks, Jake revealed where his true allegiance lies in a conversation with his dad. Recently Jake has been fixated on the idea of best friends, and the boyfriend wonder, eager to prove that Jake had been claiming that his daddy was his best friend, initiated this exchange.

D: Jake, who's your best friend?

Jake: Optimus Prime.

D: Okay, who's your second best friend?

Jake: Bumble Bee.

D: Well who's your third best friend?

Jake: Another Optimus Prime.

The boyfriend wonder was a little deflated after that. But to be fair, Jake has also claimed that ugly fudge (the name the twins have given the little black and white kitten) is his best friend, as well as his teacher, Batman and, of course, Ben. Poor Daddy.