Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Daily Waffle recipes and more

You may not be aware because I've only mentioned it about a couple of hundred times, but I write in a more professional capacity on Daily Waffle every week. While I appreciate that a lot of my articles appeal to a pretty niche community, I try to write a few less geeky ones every so often. However, the thing is, the site is not attracting the traffic it deserves and it's starting to get everyone down.

There are a heap of people like me over there, writing about the random things they know and are interested in. So there have been heart wrenching articles about dementia and others about anti-bullying campaigns. There is sport and humour and really something for everyone. But, today I'm going to talk about some of the cookery articles. In particular, my fellow writer, Sera McDaid who has lost an absolute ton of weight with Slimming World and is sharing some of her favourite syn free meals (syns are the Slimming World equivalent of Weightwatchers points, as I understand it.) If you are trying to lose weight, or even if you aren't, you should check out her delicious recipes.

This Eton Mess has to be my favourite. I haven't tried to make it yet, but it looks absolutely divine. While not being absolutely syn free, it is low in fat and calories, and if you're worried about all the sugary, fruity goodness, well, just make sure to brush your teeth extra well afterwards.

If you are trying to diet, or just eat a little better, but are missing take out food, Sera has devised a syn free Rogan Josh made with fresh ginger, delicious spices and tons of vegetables. For any curry lovers out there, this is an excellent recipe.

And meatloaf doesn't exactly sound like an ideal slimming food, but it does sound good on cold September days when it's grey and wet outside. So, Sera's meatloaf is perfect as it is syn free and filling for cosy autumn nights in.

I can't wait to see what else she shares with us every week, so if you like the look of Sera's brand of cooking, why not subscribe to the site via RSS, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail and keep up to date with all the latest articles. You can follow Sera on Twitter too and keep up with her slimming exploits. The girl's got amazing style too and a good eye for a bargain, so she's well worth following. @sera_mcdaid

I'm also going to start hosting all of my tutorials over there, and will list the links in my sidebar here. I should have a bunting tutorial to go with my cushion covers in a little while, and I have many more planned. So please, pop over, read, comment and show a little love for eager writers trying to get out there.

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