Saturday, 13 August 2011

Finally...the crescent skirt

Sorry readers! I haven't forgotten about you, nor have a forgotten about my crafty endeavours, but my sewing machine seems to get more use these days taking up trouser legs than anything really exciting. I was in Ikea yesterday and fell in love with so many of their weird and wonderful fabrics, but since I didn't have a project in mind, I didn't feel the urge to buy anything. Something must be up.

I suppose it's because I've been spreading myself a bit thin recently. The twins are pretty much potty trained, but the baby is resisting feeding himself finger foods, so that's taking up a lot of time and energy. Besides this blog and my comics-centric one, Pink Ink, I also write for Daily Waffle and Team Hellions. That last one is a pretty recent addition, and the tone of my work there is very much tongue in cheek and not to everyone's tastes. In fact, what I find most difficult about the writing work is that I have to adjust my style slightly for each audience, but that's great experience for me. When I started this blog I didn't think it would open up so many oppurtunities for me, but blogging, and using Twitter, has made a huge difference. Now I just have to find a paying writing job!

So, today I'm doing a bit of a retrospective about a skirt I made quite a few months ago. I got the pattern for the Crescent Skirt on Sewaholic where the fantastic Tasia blogs about sewing and has her own patterns available for you to buy. I liked the full skirted style of the Crescent Skirt, the high waist and the pockets, which are essential for me these days. I thought I could manage the pattern by myself, and I probably could have, but one of the great things about Tasia is that she holds sew-alongs where she takes you through the complete sewing of the garment, start to finish, with really helpful tips thrown in. The crescent skirt sew-along was fantastic, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I learned how to do french seams and how to sew perfectly flat pockets which won't ruin the line of a garment. It's like buying a pattern with a free tutorial thrown in!

I chose plain green fabric for my skirt, mostly because I've been looking for a skirt in this colour to go with a few superhero t-shirts I have, and when I couldn't find one, I decided to make one. But I will be making this skirt again in pretty patterns as well as in a heavier fabric for wearing with tights and wellies when the winter comes along.

Please excuse the rubbish photo and poorly ironed skirt - did I mention I'm super busy?

Handy pocketses
 At the moment, Tasia has three patterns; a blouse, a skirt and a dress and sew-alongs for all three too, so why not pop over and see if her elegant styles appeal to you.

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  1. gosh my daughter would love that skirt.absolutely lovely so talented too.I must get my sewing machine out ,used to amke all my girls dressers when they were little for summer then my craft infestation took over
    hugs judex