Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Zoo-per days out!

So I promised I'd be back later in the week and here I am! I have so many writing commitments at the minute that sometimes this blog takes a back seat to all the other stuff. Despite my long silence, I don't have a huge lot to share with you all.

I made a skirt a few weeks ago and I'll write a post about that and the sew-along I followed that made it so easy and rewarding. For now I just have some photos of my trip to the zoo in Belfast when I visited my family last week. It was Ben and Jake's third birthday, so the five of us, plus granny and grandad, my sister Rachael and her boyfriend, and my aunt and her children all headed off up the mountain to the zoo. It seems to be that zoos are always uphill, but for whatever reason, this one didn't seem as steep as others I've visited. And we got to see the elephants being fed, which was great. Also, the lemurs were allowed to roam free through the zoo, which would have been great if they weren't be constantly chased off by a group of school children who were there. The boys experienced some mild terror thanks to a very large, very noisy pig, but other than that, they had a great day.

Lemurs taking refuge on the roof of the reptile house - stupid school kids!!
Never mind the animals! Look! A daisy!!
The sealions were show-offs
Tthe laziest bat in the rainforest house.

Feeding time

It was a great day as most of the animals were out in plain sight including the more elusive types like tigers and cheetahs. The boys had a great time trying to run like giraffes and unfortunately learned some bad behaviour from watching the chimps eating their poo.

On their birthday, we had a little party for the younger members of our family, and it went well with nobody getting too overwhelmed. They were content to eat some chocolate and sweets and run around like loons with the other kids. The 'gold dubloons' or regular chocolate coins as you and I know them, were a huge hit as 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' seems to be super popular among kidlets at the minute. They had a Toy Story cake and dinosaur candles too.

Sorry for the pic dump - I promise I will try to be back soon with some crafty stuff :)

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  1. Wow that sounds like a brilliant zoo and the party looked perfect ...I LOVE the photo of the three of them at the zoo ...and the one of Ben grinning with his sweets lol xx
    PS hills were hard last year at the zoo 'cos Olly was still being carried .xx