Friday, 3 June 2011

Using my Loaf!

It's typical of me to fixate on one thing and do it until I get sick of it. And so it has been with baking. I'm determined to be able to bake a few things well, the type of things that my kids will have fond memories of. So in this spirit I've been trying a few new recipes while my sewing machine sits forlornly, my knitting needles are untouched and my cross stitching is forgotten.

I have no idea if I'm a good or a bad baker. The boyfriend wonder doesn't have the most discerning palate when it comes to baked goods. He's not fussy. The pecan pie was delicious, though the recipe could probably do with some tweaking. He loved it and was sorry when it was all gone. I have to confess though, that I don't like making pies. Getting the pastry into the pie tin is always a disaster for me. I must be doing it wrong!

Much easier was this cherry and almond loaf cake. I'm a sucker for cherry bakewells so this sounded great, and I'm a fan of the kind of simple cake that is good with tea. Nothing too sweet or gooey or fussy. Just delicious sponge. So this was what I ended up with.

Half of it was already gone when I took this photo as the boyfriend wonder was munching on it as soon as it was out of the oven. It was really delicious and really quick, easy and relatively mess free to make. So it's a keeper. Something I can make semi-regularly. Next up on my baking plans is a lemon drizzle loaf, walnut and honey loaf (you may be sensing a theme here) and honey and vanilla madeleines. Hopefully I'll try these before I lose enthusiasm for baking and move on to weaving or model train building or something equally random.

I do have some sewing projects to share. I finished a skirt and I'm working on some new cushion covers but I'll save that for another day. In the meantime here's some photos of what my boys were up to while I was baking.

Olly can't crawl just yet so Ivy the kitten was safely out of reach :)

Jake and the unnamed male kitten having a chat

Ben, sulking.


  1. Shame you cant keep him too...jake seems to be taking after his father ... he loved talking to his cat Charlie for hours.
    I have a coconut cake /loaf recipe thats easy ...somewhere ...if you like coconut.

  2. My pastry has improved since I started using spelt flour - white, wholegrain or a mixture.

    I like your comment about moving on to something else. As if it wasn't time-consuming enough being a mother, running a household with all that entails and all the other things we expect ourselves to do, we decide to do these extras as well! No time to be bored, though!