Friday, 6 May 2011

All sorts of cute!

So I was definitely a busy bee last night - I made my needle roll with my new fabric. I was impatient to use it and it didn't take very long at all. The most time consuming part was measuring and cutting all the fabric.

Rolled up

Open - and full of needles :)

I used this pattern and it was super easy to follow. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. My stitches are pretty straight and it doesn't look obviously mis-shapen. I used medium weight fusible fleece instead of batting in between the outer and inner layers, and it give it a bit more bulk, but I like that. I'm going to use some more of this fabric to make a little patchwork basket to keep all my spools of thread in, but next I'll probably be working on resizing a men's t-shirt to fit me and making another cushion cover (my twins got hold of permanent marker and drew on everything - tv screen, cuhions, rug, themselves.)

Our little kittens are now five weeks old and are causing furry mayhem everywhere - in a good way. They're so much fun to watch, but strangely, I'm not at all attached to them. Though the one with the biggest smudge on her face is starting to grow on me. The boyfriend wonder said we could keep one, so I think she'll probably be the one we keep. So here's some pictures before I go.

This one's a keeper :)

Sorry they're blurry - they wouldn't stop moving about :)


  1. they are so cute!!!!!! If i lived in scotland i would so take one of them off your hands!! also mega impressed with your crafting skills your needle holder thing (sorry don't know the proper name) is all sorts of awesome mad skillz emma lol

  2. Ooh lovely - to both the needle roll and the kittens in different ways! I want to steal both. However, I will just copy your needle roll and wish my daughter and I were not allergic to cats. I had treatment many years ago, but it has worn off :-(

  3. I am so impressed with that roll the choice of material too. Oh the kittens are so cute ...have you sexed them yet? the torti and white are female.