Sunday, 3 April 2011

A pretty apron does not a housewife make

Now that I've recovered from the decorating and have managed to cobble together an essay in time for uni, I can get back to the original focus of this blog - crafting. Months ago I started, and finished, my first real project with my new machine. Working from a vintage vogue pattern, I made a retro pinny to wear around the house. So here it is (bear in mind that I really hate having my photo taken).
I could've opted for some simple spotty or striped fabric, but I really wanted something a little bit out there. I had a wee bit of trouble with the gathering around the waist and the top is a little big on me but all in all it turned out pretty well. I'm tempted to take it up as the pattern was obviously designed with someone a lot taller than me in mind.

I'd like to claim that I'll be wearing this as I float around my perfect home, baking things and generally being a perfect housewife, but the reality is, it'll be used to protect my clothing during the very messy business of weaning. I'm just not domesticated enough for all that other stuff.

I have a few other projects lined up at the minute (knitting needle roll, capes for my sons etc.) but I'll probably move onto a skirt next. I'm trying to find more interesting ways to wear my superhero/video game/sci-fi t-shirts that doesn't just involve jeans. So stay tuned for that because it'll be an incredibly dorky solution!

In other news, our cat had kittens a few days ago! She had five, but sadly one didn't survive. The other four are in good health though and we'll definitely be looking for good homes for them - 5 cats is too many for us!
A pile of kittens!! What could be cuter than that?! I'll be back fairly soon with a geeky, crafty work in progress and some more origami cranes, so hold on to you hats people, because it's about to get crazy!


  1. I love that apron....hope you had a good Mothers Day. xx

  2. Aunty Catherine :)6 April 2011 at 20:28

    I want a pinny!!
    Love the room it looks great and the kittens....Awwwwwwwwww <3

  3. Hi Love the apron. I'm intending making a needle roll too - have been for a while now. Hope you show yours on your blog when it's done and if I ever get organised enough I'll show mine on mine.