Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Stitchy Superheroes and Wonder Woman Glamour

I realised today that it has been a loooong time since I picked up my knitting needles. Ever since finishing off the bedbug I've lost the drive. Not to mention one of the needles I use most often had gone walkies :(  But it's hardly the season for knitwear and although I have a few projects still looking forlornly at me from my knitting bag, I just can't find the time to finish them.

Mostly because I've been filling my days with random crafting, writing and studying. So, my current work in progress is taking a lot longer than anticipated. I learned to cross stitch a very long time ago, in primary school to be exact, and while I haven't done it for a while, it's easy enough to get back into. So, this is one of four cross stitch projects I have waiting for me.

This one is the Justice League of America and I still have Martian Manhunter and Flash to finish. So almost there. This particular line-up features one of the lamer versions of Aquaman (gold shirt, blond beard) without, sadly, his harpoon hand. That would've been awesome! After this I have The Avengers and The Green Lanterns to do and eventually I'll be moving onto a Star Wars scene too.

As I've probably mentioned before, I veer wildly between crafts. Knitting, sewing, cross stitch and back again, with some origami sprinkled in. Hence the random mix of projects here.

In other happenings, since it was my birthday a few weeks back and I had some spending money, I treated myself to some of the products from Mac's recent range of Wonder Woman make-up. Not only is the make-up great quality (as one would expect from Mac), but the packaging is pretty awesome too - cool Wonder Woman art on the boxes, white stars on blue on the inside and iconic red and blue tubes. Amazonian chic indeed.

I bought a thick black eyeliner pen, navy blue nail polish and a really nice red, matte lipstick, the likes of which I've been searching for for years. There are so many great items in this range, but they can be quite expensive, so I've not indulged any further. And believe me, it's taken all of my willpower. There are brush sets and make-up bags in Wonder-ful (see what I did there!) metallic shades and an exclusive T-shirt and tote bag too. Check them out.

And finally, if anyone found this blog by following links from the boyfriend wonder's facebook page and was only really interested in the superhero bedroom stuff, you may be interested in my newest blog. Be warned, it will only really be of interest to comic fans and not crafters, as it's where I review and discuss each weeks new comic releases. Super dorky, I know. As of yet it has no followers :( but hopefully that'll change. If it sounds like your type of thing, hop on over to Pink Ink comics, though I won't be offended if you don't.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The 1000 Cranes project: Crane no. 23

So, here we are, with a new background, rejigged title and whatnot. I didn't put much time or thought into the original layout, so I thought it was high time that I made it a little more personal.

And now, down to business. March was an epic, geeky month. And as such, the cranes reflected that. The boyfriend, who will henceforth be known as the boyfriend wonder (after Dick Grayson, aka Robin, The Boy Wonder), had already decided that he wanted some of the cranes to be made from comic pages. But don't worry, I bought comics specifically for this purpose. His collection is intact.

I cut 11cm squares out of each page. The boyfriend wonder was particularly keen on this page, from an issue of Thor.

And so this became crane number 23.

Only 977 to go :)

Change is good :)

Greetings all. My blog is currently in a state of flux. Do not adjust your television set. Normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A pretty apron does not a housewife make

Now that I've recovered from the decorating and have managed to cobble together an essay in time for uni, I can get back to the original focus of this blog - crafting. Months ago I started, and finished, my first real project with my new machine. Working from a vintage vogue pattern, I made a retro pinny to wear around the house. So here it is (bear in mind that I really hate having my photo taken).
I could've opted for some simple spotty or striped fabric, but I really wanted something a little bit out there. I had a wee bit of trouble with the gathering around the waist and the top is a little big on me but all in all it turned out pretty well. I'm tempted to take it up as the pattern was obviously designed with someone a lot taller than me in mind.

I'd like to claim that I'll be wearing this as I float around my perfect home, baking things and generally being a perfect housewife, but the reality is, it'll be used to protect my clothing during the very messy business of weaning. I'm just not domesticated enough for all that other stuff.

I have a few other projects lined up at the minute (knitting needle roll, capes for my sons etc.) but I'll probably move onto a skirt next. I'm trying to find more interesting ways to wear my superhero/video game/sci-fi t-shirts that doesn't just involve jeans. So stay tuned for that because it'll be an incredibly dorky solution!

In other news, our cat had kittens a few days ago! She had five, but sadly one didn't survive. The other four are in good health though and we'll definitely be looking for good homes for them - 5 cats is too many for us!
A pile of kittens!! What could be cuter than that?! I'll be back fairly soon with a geeky, crafty work in progress and some more origami cranes, so hold on to you hats people, because it's about to get crazy!