Sunday, 20 March 2011

Musings on Being a Geek Parent

This week, in a steady drip drip of blog posts, I am going to unleash a scary insight into the inner workings of mine and the boyfriend's parenting style. While I have known since the day I met him that the boyfriend is a bona fide, unapologetic geek, it has taken me a little longer to embrace my inner dork. I spent a long time pretending to be 'normal', mostly because a lot of people can be devastatingly disparaging about anything outside of the mainstream.

But it's time for me to come out - I am a geek!!

And what's more, I am also a mother. And so I find myself in charge of ushering the new generation of tiny geeks into the world. So how to do that? What makes a person a geek? Well for me it's a love of DC comics, RPG games, a dedication to the N64 (the god of all consoles!) and a voracious appetite for books. Add to that a love of scrabble, modern folk music, knitting and anime and manga, and I think it's safe to say that my three boys have got little hope of turning out 'normal'. And, in all honesty, who'd want that anyway?

The boyfriend is without a doubt a geekdad. For him it is Marvel comics, Star Wars, Transformers and the PS3 which dominate. He is by far the biggest geek in our household, but I've suprised him once or twice by knowing obscure comic facts, like Wolverine's exact height or just how Spiderman ended up with 6 arms. Yup, that's right folks, I can certainly give him a run for his money!

So, although our twins are only two, their education has begun. Yes, our house may be a little alternative in some regards; there are a lot of action figures on display, we are currently framing a bunch of comic art to hang on the walls and we are locked in an eternal struggle to find a way of storing hundreds of comics in their long boxes without finding ourselves tripping over them all the time. But if our kids ever want to read about the death of Superman or issue #1 of X-Men, you can bet we have it :) And who knows, those comics could fund their university education one day. Sod savings accounts, it's all there in ink and paper. And right now they're watching My Neighbour Totoro and loving it - which in my book beats Disney hands down any day!

While I see a lot of conventions in our future and I know my sewing machine will be busy running up little costumes, we've made a start by creating a super awesome bedroom for them to mark their transition into big boy beds. And that's what this week is going to be all about.

The thing is, now that I've opened the box, I don't feel like closing it again. So you may find that this blog becomes about crafts and comics in equal measure. I'm proud to be a geek. I don't want to be just like every other suburban mum at the school gates. We're different. And different is good.


  1. Great post pleased you are embracing the geek in you lol. OMG Jake is so cute ...great voice xx


  3. Well done for embracing you inner geek, DH and I watch Star Trek every night, so we too are geeks! x