Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Meet our Twins - Ben Grimm and Jake Olsen

Firstly, just let me say thanks to everyone who commented on my geeky posts so far and welcomed me into the fold. I feel the love. Now, back to regularly scheduled broadcasting.

When it comes to naming sons, the geekdad has a helluva lot of choice. There's the obvious - Clark, Bruce, Logan; and the not so obvious - Billy, Kyle, Harvey. And do you opt for heroes or villains? I would personally have gone the villainous route, being as I am a future evil genius. But the boyfriend had other ideas.

When we found out we were expecting, the first name that was suggested was Ben, after Benjamin J. Grimm - the ever-lovin' blue eyed Thing. And when we discovered it was twins (after recovering from the shock) we veered wildly between Jefferson and Harrison before settling on Jake, after Jake Olsen, one of Thor's earthly identities. Somehow, without my noticing, the boyfriend got his way with two Marvel names. But that's okay, because Olly came along and was named after Oliver Queen or Green Arrow :)

Anywho, the longest wall in the new bedroom was to be dedicated to the twins' favourite heroes, which include 'iderman' and 'ionman' (spiderman and ironman to you and me.) With, of course, Thing and Thor standing guard at the head of the beds. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of work involved in projecting and tracing the characters took it's toll and spidey and Mr. Stark found themselves dropped from the line up. And since I'm not a spiderman fan, that was all okay with me!

The Thing was the boyfriend's pet project. I was not to lend a hand at all. Considering his size and the amount of line work that needed to be done, I was sure he'd be a time consuming task. But alas, it was Thor, with his multitude of colours and five shades of grey (each colour was mixed by us using a basic selection of four or five paints) that was completed last.

It's not quite clobberin' time! :)

Thing had to be a little less dynamic than Thor because Benjy, in a startling contrast to the character, scares easy. So we spent a lot of time scouring the internet to find just the right image .

Besides the main job of painting the walls, there was all the little incidental details to take care of too. For example, curtains. I searched in vain for superhero fabric that wasn't specifically a certain hero. What I was looking for was a pattern that conveyed a sort of comic tone without being obviously Batman or Superman themed. I mean, how hard is that really?

Turns out it's pretty hard. Any suitable fabric I did find was discontinued. I was losing hope. So I took to eBay in a last ditch attempt to find something that would work. What's a girl to do when she can't find the perfect geeky fabric?

Buy an old duvet cover.

I picked this single duvet set up for a bargain price on eBay and set about turning it into curtains. I'm so resourceful and impressed myself a little with my stellar improvising ideas. With skills like this you'll all be looking to kick it with me come the zombie apocalypse :)

If you are a crafter, you can probably ignore this next bit, but if you're a comic geek and found your way here on the recommendation of the boyfriend, you should definitely check this out. For anyone familiar with the DC Super Dictionary and Lex Luthor's forty cakes theft, have a look at this very funny list of seven things from said dictionary that should be in DC continuity. My favourites are why Batman is a jerk and Green Lantern's duck obsession. And of course, El Dragon :)

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