Monday, 21 March 2011

Let the Madness Begin!!

Sometimes ideas that seem pretty simple on paper turn out to be hella complicated. This is one of those ideas.

With three kids under three, a new job and a university degree to be getting on with, the boyfriend and I decided that we simply didn't have enough on our plates. Our twins were almost ready to go into big kid beds and since their current bedroom has open shelving that I didn't fancy them scaling in the middle of the night, we decided to move them into the spare room. Plus, as cute as Olly is, it's high time he stopped rooming with us.

But what to do with the room. It was a pretty inoffensive shade of magnolia and probably would have done as was. But oh no! Geek parents shun the easy option! So instead we decided to 'super' it up a bit with some of DC and Marvel's best and brightest.

For a full week this became our personal hell.

So today, let me introduce you to the Bat Wall.
This wall already had a picture rail on it, and I, in my infinite wisdom, thought it would be a pretty awesome idea to paint the bottom half with blackboard paint and paint Batman and Robin on the top half. So far, so easy, right? Well, we couldn't just have Batman and Robin drawn randomly on the wall - it has to make sense, goddamn it! (Rather like the very notion of a billionaire masked vigilante treading the line between sanity and madness with a young boy for a sidekick.) So, a whole Gotham night skyline was drafted. This was to be my baby. And, to be fair, it started off pretty easy. A blue wash on the top half of the wall and a hastily designed city skyline sketched on, and away I went, full of enthusiasm, not knowing the soul crushing chore that this was to become.

Edging in and painting my skyline

The completed Gotham skyline - pretty nifty :)

What you do when the boyfriend leaves a black smudge on the wall while removing masking tape - turn it into a little bat! Neat, huh?

Projecting 'Bats' onto the wall. Projector borrowed from a 'friend' - you may be a jerk but you have cool gadgets :)

The Dynamic Duo all inked up and ready to go, complete with Bat Signal. It's so on!!

Some of you may have noticed (or none of you, which is more likely) that we went with Batman from the Brave and the Bold animated series and Robin from the Teen Titans animated series. Sacrilege, I hear you cry! Well to you purists I say, to hell with you! In this family we gleefully mix up comic genres and chronology like we're making a poorly executed X-Men movie.

More on the Bat Wall and the rest of the room tomorrow.

PS: In other news, today is my 26th birthday. I'm edging ever closer to 30:( And for all my friends and family out there, if the boyfriend ever comes to you asking for present ideas for me, the answer is, ask her to marry you, jackass!!.


  1. ooh i LOVE it - that is like super cool!!! Kristofer is in love with some of the superheros - i forget which ones, OMG right??? hehe. Happy 26th Birthday - you might be edging closer but i'm going to be 30 next year...... i already feel a little sick!!!

  2. Wow ... this is one amazing bedroom ...cant wait til I see it all completed.

    I can only appologize for my son ....had I not been there at the birth I would wonder about him....maybe he was

  3. Hi, I've known Angie for many years and I knit, so thought I'd get in touch/follow you.