Thursday, 24 March 2011

Drawer knobs and toy boxes

We're edging ever closer to the big reveal people. I can feel the excitement!

Today we're on some more of the little touches that helped tip this room over from your-average-kid's-bedroom-with-mural into crazy geek parent territory. What to do with two plain APA boxes from Ikea? Painting them is the most obvious choice, and that's exactly wheat we decided to do. But how to lift a simple toy box into previously uncharted levels of dork-dom? I just love a challenge :)

I will have to take all credit for these little beauties! Using my (admittedly limited) knowledge of Thing and Thor, I set about personalising each box for my little superheroes. So, I started by painting the whole box magnolia (boring) and then wrote a catchphrase from each chaarcter on the front panel.

Thing was easy. There was never any question that it was going to be 'it's clobberin' time' in a suitably comic book font. But Thor ... well he was a little more difficult. Happily, the words engraved on his hammer, Mjolnir, are pretty synonymous with the character. So with just a little adaptation (changing the line 'holds this hammer' to something a little more apt for a toy box) and a truly awesome viking font, I was able to get to work.

I didn't want to commit to any more detailed or painstaking paint work, and in this case, I thought a simple approach would be better anyway. So the tops of these boxes were simply painted in character appropriate colours. Orange for Thing, and grey for Thor (like his hammer.)
And voilĂ !!

I'm actually quite proud of these. I think they're pretty neat :)

The boyfriend, meanwhile, was busy pimpin' a boring chest of drawers, superhero style! We decided to replace the cheap looking plastic handles on the drawers, but with a limited budget and our inspiration reserves running low, we took the easy option. So he customised some plain wooden drawer handles in a truly awesome way.


Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern

Spiderman, The Avengers, The X-Men, Fanatstic Four

Each of these was lovingly hand painted and varnished to help it stand up to whatever two hyperactive toddlers could throw at it. Originally there was meant to be a matching pair on each drawer and only of the first four (the DC logos) but the boyfriend wasn't confident that he could replicate each crest perfectly again. Something about tempting fate. So he decided to mix it up with some Marvel logos too - and the boys finally got their Spiderman reference (which they were quick to point out when they finally saw the room.)

With the change from cots to bed, new bed linen was obviously needed. The boyfriend was keen on using his own childhood Superman and Transformers sheets. I however, thought 30 year old bed linen might not be the way to go. But, the Superman sheets were pretty nifty and I had an idea of how to use it. The boyfriend needed only a little gentle push to let go of his relics. (I was, after all, going to cut it up. Gasp!) This bedroom has a cupboard built in with no door. It was previously covered up with a long curtain cobbled together from the off cuts of other curtains. Cream and boring, it too would have done the job as was, but where's the fun in that?

It turned out that not much cutting up was needed - only the back of the duvet cover was cut off and that was plain blue, so no harm done. And after 45 minutes with my sewing machine (who I have christened Nancy, by the way) I was able to turn this ...

Into this ...

Pay no attention to the crap behind the curtain!!

I know it probably could've done with a few more tabs at the top but by this stage I was pretty much running on fumes and just wanted the whole thing to be over! But I do like the retro vibe this brings to the room - we went with modern animated interpretations of well known heroes on the walls and it's nice to be able to give a nod to the silver age.

The final little touch was another project that at first had a lot more complexity but was finally stripped back to the barest of bare bones. Another Ikea purchase, a LATT table and chairs set, and again, it's in boring plain wood and white chipboard. Originally it was to be painted dark blue but to be honest, I simply didn't have the energy. So, just to custom it up a little, we used name jigsaws that the boys had gotten from their Nana forever ago, and just glued them on the back of the chairs.

These were about the only things that survived un-heroed up. But the original plans for them are still kicking about in my brain, so who knows, maybe once I've recovered from all this madness, I'll be able to give it another go :)

There are still a few outstanding projects in this room - curtain tiebacks, a wardrobe, a chair, and these amazing little cross stitches for the walls. Someone has managed to combine crafts and comics in the most amazing fashion and I am thrilled!

Tomorrow I will reveal the finished product. So hang in there. The end is in sight.

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  1. Wow I love your last two posts .... thought I had commented on the last but must have not clicked on post. Cant believe he still had that douvet ...great use ....douvets are your thing lol the use of the jigsaws and the drawer ...brilliantly inspired work on the toy boxes too.