Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Great Shoe Dilemma

I have a semi-serious addiction to Irregular Choice shoes. During my student days I wore out many a pair of fabulously unique shoes, even if I had to live off instant noodles to be able to afford them. So, how could I resist when a found an amazing pair of heels in the January sales?! They are so comfortable - the most comfortable 4 inch heels I've ever worn.

And now the hunt for the perfect dress begins. And thus far, I've had no luck. I can't find anything that will suit both my figure and these shoes. I have toyed with the idea of making a dress specifically for them, but again, have had no luck finding the perfect fabric. I'm certainly learning my lesson about buying shoes which don't suit anything in my wardrobe!

However, just in case the ideal fabric does come along, I've got some Vintage Vogue patterns to work on.

I've already started on the apron pattern. I've taken to wearing an apron round the house like the perfect 50's housewive that I am, so I'm making a full length one with big pockets. All that's missing is a G&T in the afternoons :)
The dress pattern will have considerable adjustments to the top, and I'm running it up in simple cotton muslin first, but hopefully I will be able to perfect it so as when that elusive fabric does come along I'm ready to start sewing.

I've never considered myself to have vintage tastes - my everyday clothes are pretty practical for my life as mum of three boys in wet and cold Scotland. But when I do get a chance to dress up I like to do things a little differently. I'm hoping that from now on I'll be able to make much of my own wardrobe and I'll never be forced to go hunting for the perfect dress again!