Monday, 10 January 2011

First of many

My first project on my new machine was an easy one to help me get to grips with it. But it's such a great machine to use that this took no time at all. I needed cushion covers for our couch and while I'm waiting for my newspaper print fabric to arrive, I bought some cheap red material from eBay to do the larger cushions with.

It was good to work with and it seems hard wearing enough so I was quite pleased with it. In two evenings (I can only sew once my kids are in bed and dinner has been cooked so some projects will take a while) I managed to make two covers.

They are just simple envelope style covers - nothing fancy. And now that I feel less rusty I'm going to attempt some more exciting projects. I'm waiting on a vintage vogue dress pattern arriving and I've bought some extremely fabulous shoes in the sales, so I will hopefully be running up a dress to match. I can't wait.


  1. Great work on those cushions ...I've got some sale fabric for cushions too. Vicki has cracked our machine problem so now its just me to sort out the tension I know what the problem was.xx

  2. Hi Emma, thanks so much for your comment on my blog :) My husband desidned the invites and I'm not really all that savvy when it comes to photoshop etc (yet) but I'm happy to provide the file for you if you would like it?

    Let me know,


  3. Woop! Easy work on the new machine then? They look great x x