Monday, 10 January 2011

First of many

My first project on my new machine was an easy one to help me get to grips with it. But it's such a great machine to use that this took no time at all. I needed cushion covers for our couch and while I'm waiting for my newspaper print fabric to arrive, I bought some cheap red material from eBay to do the larger cushions with.

It was good to work with and it seems hard wearing enough so I was quite pleased with it. In two evenings (I can only sew once my kids are in bed and dinner has been cooked so some projects will take a while) I managed to make two covers.

They are just simple envelope style covers - nothing fancy. And now that I feel less rusty I'm going to attempt some more exciting projects. I'm waiting on a vintage vogue dress pattern arriving and I've bought some extremely fabulous shoes in the sales, so I will hopefully be running up a dress to match. I can't wait.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year, New Toys

I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas and New Year!

I'm not a great one for resolutions - they're only setting us up for disappointment really. And despite my fluctuating weight, I've been quite happy with myself as is. I don't have any earnest aspirations to watch more foreign movies, learn to dance, eat more healthily or get my dream job. All of that desperate self improvement just doesn't ring true.

However, I have a reputation for being a bit of a bitch. Or as the boyfriend diplomatically puts it, I don't suffer fools. So, I thought, why not be a little nicer, tell the boyfriend that I love him more often, and generally try and have a sunnier disposition? Well, when I tried this new approach, the boyfriend laughed, told me to shut up and later confided that he found it creepy. So there it is folks, proof that he prefers me being a total nightmare. Who knew?

I did however, get some super fun new toys for Christmas, including my own sewing machine at long last.

Isn't she pretty? I've already ordered some newspaper print cotton fabric from South Korea and plan to make some new cushion covers to replace the current ones on the couch that have been subject to the vagaries of two cats, 3 kids and a messy boyfriend. Beyond that I have an apron and a dress planned. The boyfriend would have me making nothing but superhero costumes, and maybe I'll get to those, if I can convince my ridiculously slender sister to lend me her dimensions. In fact, I have drafted some dress desgins based on various comic heroines and villians, so maybe I'll share them on her someday.

Also coming up this year are various knitting projects. I will finsh the bed bugs, rash or no rash, and a friend has requested a wooly hat. My mother in law will also be the lucky recipient of stackable cats, from the mochimochiland blog. I will probably also be making quite a few things from this book, another Christmas present.

The crocodile on the front is a slipper! How awesome is that! I might make pairs for my twins.

My blogging will either become sporadic or ridiculously poetic as a result of my next literature module for university. I have 12 novels to read, mostly from the 19th century, including two Russian translations and oodles of Shakespeare (which I love). So excuse me if I slip into Jane Austen style prose. At the minute I'm reading Turgenev and I'm brushing up on my Russian history, as I know nothing before Lenin and Stalin. As you can imagine, it's super fun.

So stick with me, my tiny bunch of readers, and I'll try and return the favour for those of you with your own blogs.

Happy 2011!!