Monday, 6 December 2010

Teeny tiny snowmen in teeny tiny scarves.

So, in my last post I mentioned that my yarn and needles were packed away, and that was indeed the case, but in my internet travels I came across the most awesome kntting site. I was looking for inspiration for my other top secret craft projects when I stumbled across Mochimochiland

The projects on this site are exactly my kind of thing - I've always loved Japanese culture and especially all things kawaii (that's 'cute' to you and me) and with patterns costing only $5, how could I resist a treat or two?!

In fact, the project I'm sharing today only cost $2 and all of the yarn I used were just scraps lying around the bottom of my knitting bag with no purpose, so it was a great, thrifty little job.

These guys took no time at all to knit up - two nights in front of the tv and they were done. I still have plenty of yarn left for loads more. They were originally meant to be much smaller, but I didn't have the right size needles - I used 3.75mm instead of 2.75mm. But I think if I had made them much smaller, they wouldn't have been manageable for me. At the moment they are hiding all over my mantelpiece as I think they have mischevious personalities! But I could just as easily add thread to their tops and use them as tree decorations.

If you like knitting projects that are a little funky and definitely unique you should pop over to mochimochiland and take a look.

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