Saturday, 11 December 2010

Super cool stash!

I may be developing a semi-serious stash addiction. The boyfriend has started mocking me for this since I told him to hang on to any buttons from old clothes so as I could use them in crafty ways. However, since this house was collapsing under the weight of his various collections when I moved in, I think it's a little bit rich of him to pass judgement. At least my knitted things are useful!

Anywho, today I received a parcel from the states which was uber-exciting! I have not seen this yarn anywhere in the UK and although postage from the US is a little expensive, I had to get some.

That's right - this is glow in the dark yarn!! How awesome is that?! I have a mochimochiland pattern that I'm going to knit with this. I'm making glow in the dark bed bug toys for my twins' bedroom. Can't wait to get started. I just hope it knits decently as sometimes novelty wool can be a bit iffy. But now that we're no longer snowed in, I don't have the luxury of indulging my knitting habit and my mum has requested a set of the snowmen from my last post so who knows when I'll get round to it :(

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  1. This really is soooooo cool.... cant wait for my toy xx