Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Aargh ... flesh eating yarn!!!

So, there I was happily knitting a bed bug in the glow in the dark yarn that I had been super excited about. Then, my hands began to feel itchy, then sore. I tend to wrap yarn around my right hand when I'm knitting and when I unwrapped it I was all red and scaly! I know, pretty nasty. The same was true on my left hand where I'd handled the yarn. Whatever is in it to make it glow obviously disagrees with me.

'Oh noes!' said I. And I'm sure that's what you're thinking too.

So the little bed bug is on hold for the time being. The rash has gone away but my skin in still sore and scaly. Is it worth turning into a lizard woman for some awesomely cool knitting ... I'm not sure yet.

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