Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Aargh ... flesh eating yarn!!!

So, there I was happily knitting a bed bug in the glow in the dark yarn that I had been super excited about. Then, my hands began to feel itchy, then sore. I tend to wrap yarn around my right hand when I'm knitting and when I unwrapped it I was all red and scaly! I know, pretty nasty. The same was true on my left hand where I'd handled the yarn. Whatever is in it to make it glow obviously disagrees with me.

'Oh noes!' said I. And I'm sure that's what you're thinking too.

So the little bed bug is on hold for the time being. The rash has gone away but my skin in still sore and scaly. Is it worth turning into a lizard woman for some awesomely cool knitting ... I'm not sure yet.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Fat Controller is a modern day Dr. Frankenstein - there, I said it!

Thomas the Tank Engine is deeply creepy. This is not open for discussion - it is fact.

You know how people say that the devil’s greatest feat was convincing the world he didn’t exist? Well, Thomas’ greatest feat is convincing the world that he is just a congenial, friendly tank engine. He isn’t. I’m disturbed that more people aren’t suitably freaked out by him. He is a train with a face!

I know, I know, there are loads of other kid’s programmes where vehicles have faces. But think about it, the trains in Chuggington, the car in Brum, even the vehicles in Engie Bengy and to a certain extent, Finlay the Fire Engine, all make use of the features of said vehicle to create a face. Windows are eyes, headlights can be a nose and natural joins in bodywork can be used as a mouth.

Thomas is a train with a HUMAN FACE! That’s horrific! Where did he get the human face?? Whay haven't parents risen up in outrage about this monstrosity - I mean, they kick up a fuss about everything else, from disabled t.v presenters to bums on X-factor.

It's my belief that the Fat Controller is the sinister figure behind this train animating process. He must be an insane psychopathic killer who hunts down hobos and steals their faces before fixing them onto the bodywork of some poor steam engine like a crazed stop-motion Dr. Frankenstein. No one notices the missing hobos, the island of Sodor is free of riff-raff and it would explain the constant stream of new tank engines for merchandising purposes. Notice the deathly grey pallor of Thomas’ face? That can’t be healthy.

Unfortunately my sons love him and I don't think the above rant makes for good parenting when it's aimed at wide eyed two year olds

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Super cool stash!

I may be developing a semi-serious stash addiction. The boyfriend has started mocking me for this since I told him to hang on to any buttons from old clothes so as I could use them in crafty ways. However, since this house was collapsing under the weight of his various collections when I moved in, I think it's a little bit rich of him to pass judgement. At least my knitted things are useful!

Anywho, today I received a parcel from the states which was uber-exciting! I have not seen this yarn anywhere in the UK and although postage from the US is a little expensive, I had to get some.

That's right - this is glow in the dark yarn!! How awesome is that?! I have a mochimochiland pattern that I'm going to knit with this. I'm making glow in the dark bed bug toys for my twins' bedroom. Can't wait to get started. I just hope it knits decently as sometimes novelty wool can be a bit iffy. But now that we're no longer snowed in, I don't have the luxury of indulging my knitting habit and my mum has requested a set of the snowmen from my last post so who knows when I'll get round to it :(

Monday, 6 December 2010

Teeny tiny snowmen in teeny tiny scarves.

So, in my last post I mentioned that my yarn and needles were packed away, and that was indeed the case, but in my internet travels I came across the most awesome kntting site. I was looking for inspiration for my other top secret craft projects when I stumbled across Mochimochiland

The projects on this site are exactly my kind of thing - I've always loved Japanese culture and especially all things kawaii (that's 'cute' to you and me) and with patterns costing only $5, how could I resist a treat or two?!

In fact, the project I'm sharing today only cost $2 and all of the yarn I used were just scraps lying around the bottom of my knitting bag with no purpose, so it was a great, thrifty little job.

These guys took no time at all to knit up - two nights in front of the tv and they were done. I still have plenty of yarn left for loads more. They were originally meant to be much smaller, but I didn't have the right size needles - I used 3.75mm instead of 2.75mm. But I think if I had made them much smaller, they wouldn't have been manageable for me. At the moment they are hiding all over my mantelpiece as I think they have mischevious personalities! But I could just as easily add thread to their tops and use them as tree decorations.

If you like knitting projects that are a little funky and definitely unique you should pop over to mochimochiland and take a look.