Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I'm a bad blogger ...

... and a bad knitter, but it seems I excel at popping out babies. Baby number three finally graced us with his presence on the 9th of September; a mere ten days late.

We've called him Oliver and he's quite a good little thing. Unfortunately, even the best behaved baby in the world still takes up most of your day with changing and feeding and laundry and nursing him back to sleep. That, combined with changing and cooking for my other two as well as the regular household chores means that my needles and yarn have been packed away for the time being. So todays post will be a blast from the (recent) past.

Last year I knitted some pretty cool hats for my twins but this year they've had to make do with the shop bought variety.

It's not clear in the photos, but they were little earflap hats, and the pattern I used was the only one I could find that knitted the hats in the round all in one go, earflaps included. With super chunky wool they were really quick and easy. Unfortunately, I found the pattern online, printed it off and have since lost it. And no, I haven't even the faintest idea of what site I found it on. I'm sure I'll find another pattern that's just as good for next years hats, but the loss of this one still smarts a little.

Always determined to try my hand at something new (which is probably why I never go beyond beginners level in so many areas) I have taken a shine to the idea of quilting. I've fallen in love with Moda charm packs as so many of the fabric patterns are right up my street. However, I am not mad enough to try my hand at making a quilt with owning a sewing machine, so that's on the back burner for a while. I do have some super secret craft projects on the go at the minute but won't be able to share them just yet.

I can't promise to be a better blogger from now on, but I will certainly try!

PS: For anyone who remembered the cinderella-like destiny of the little red hat featured in my second ever post, I have sad news. It doesn't fit Oliver either. It seems that all of my children have very large heads. Poor little hat :(

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  1. Great to see you blogging again ....what a wondeful smile Olly has.