Friday, 27 August 2010

Update: Still no baby!

Just a quick post to say that there is still no sign of baby no. 3. I felt sure he would be here by now, especially since I had a grocery delivery coming on Wednesday and plans to go out on Wednesday night - what child would be able to resist causing mayhem when you've made plans? At least I can console myself with the fact that he might be quite a good little thing and no trouble at all - unlike his brothers, who are currently beating each other with plastic golf clubs.

Yesterday was spent frantically cleaning. And before you all yell 'nesting!', I'm usually quite anal about cleaning anyway, and yesterday was the first day I had any energy for about a week. I'm quite sore for it today though, and although I can feel some strange period-like cramps, I'm not entirely sure that that isn't because of all the hard work yesterday. So let's not count our chickens just yet!

Fingers crossed it'll be soon though!

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  1. It all sounds as though baby could be on his way in a day or two ... atleast your sister will be there from today to take the strain ...take advantage of her lol xx