Thursday, 19 August 2010

Baby Blanket

Of all the things I've knitted on my recent spree, this is by far my favourite. I love the colours and am so proud that I managed the intarsia method. It's a little buggy blanket, which we'll probably use in the moses basket or car seat. It is double thickness, so really cosy and is checked on one side and striped on the other.

I love it for it's unusual colours. Most baby boy items are pale blue, but I really like colour and so was really taken with the greens and lilac. It is a unisex item but if I was having a girl I would probably have substituted the dark blue for another purple or pink shade.
So, the only thing I haven't knitted for this baby that I had planned to is a hat. In fact, I knitted a hat, but the cotton I used kept separating into it's strands and the end result was quite patchy. I may try again when I've had time to look up another pattern.
All that's missing is a baby! I still have eleven days left to go, though my midwife has mentioned that she thinks I'm a week further along and so it may just be four! Either way, he seems in no hurry to go anywhere. Yesterday was spent in Glasgow which I class as a very long walk and the evening was dedicated to trying out some old wives tales for getting a baby moving. Unfortunately he was not impressed. I have an inkling that this one will be overdue :(


  1. I am impressed with that squared blanket the colours too ...have to admit that baby blue is really a bit wishy washy.

    Maybe this one is taking after his father ... 3 weeks late and over 9lbs lol he was too comfy to face the world out side lol xx

  2. Oh this is beautiful! I adore the colours, is it the one from the how to knit book (my knitting bible)? So excited for you, can't wait to see your tiny bundle x x x

  3. Jenny - I have to confess that this is actually a Debbie Bliss pattern! Despite my rant about her yarns a few weeks back, I couldn't resist one of her books with beautiful baby patterns in!