Thursday, 5 August 2010

Action Knitwear!!

I finally received a photo of my dad proudly wearing his birthday jumper. It is a bit of an action shot - both my parents love mountain climbing and this is him halfway up a mountain on his recent holiday. I am proud that the seams managed to survive such strenuous activity though! According to my mum he is particularly pleased with it, being an unexpectedly sentimental fool.

In other news, my latest baby project is currently on hold, at almost 3/4 completion. The pattern seriously underestimated the amount of yarn required and I have to wait for some more to arrive. Now I'm going to have all sorts of issues with dyelot numbers, but hopefully any differences won't be too glaring. The race is on to complete it though, as my due date is about 3 weeks away! Eep!!


  1. Wow energetic ...he looks so different in a hat a good way lol Great jumper.

    Hope they manage to match the dye lot for you or write a moan to the pattern people .

    Take care ...and REST xx

  2. What a fabulous picture! Lovely that he really likes it, it makes every stitch worthwhile! x