Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cue some suitably epic music ... the jumper is completed!!

At long last I have finished the Herculean task that was a pretty basic jumper. Let's face it - there was no colour work, no cabling, nothing that would tax any average knitter. But I found the endless hours spent knitting the front and back extremely dull, not to mention the final sewing up which was made more difficult by the aforementioned yarn issues. I just don't have the patience for great big projects, and the fact that I had lots of exciting little baby projects lined up only made me more impatient with the whole thing.

Maybe in a year or two I'll attempt another adult jumper. The boyfriend was quite taken with it and mentioned more than once that he would like one just like it. But if I thought knitting a jumper for my stick thin rake of a dad was a chore, the thought of knitting another for a man who wears XXL and can best be described as 'burly' brings me out in hives!! Maybe if I find a super chunky wool and use larger needles it'll only take me a few months! It is flattering to hear him praise my work though, as he has fiercely resisted my offers to knit him scarves and hats.

In the end, the complex pattern quickly made sense, and after the inital disaster, there were no more problems. The neckline, with it's three buttons and collar, was really satisfying to see come together, and I'm glad I opted for a pattern with a little more interest than your basic pullover. Fingers crossed it fits! It is now winging its way to Belfast, by next day delivery, for my dad's birthday tomorrow. Talk about cutting it fine!

Sorry for the poor photo. It was hastily taken last night before the whole thing was parceled up. Hopefully I'll soon have one of the man himself wearing it. I'm actually really proud that I managed the button holes and collar as it was something I've never attempted before. I even made a little tag for it, with a logo and everything - that's right, you're witnessing the creation of a brand! Now, if only I could find enough people willing to wait great lengths of time for a slightly mis-shapen jumper which they would happily pay for, I'd have my very own cottage industry!

The best thing about finishing this jumper though is that I no longer have to work with that horrid yarn. After my rant on here I found that tons of people have similar complaints with Debbie Bliss yarns, so that is definitely a brand I will be staying clear of in the future. I now have a few quick and easy baby items on the go, in beautiful soft cotton and merino wool mixes, and I will have tons of things to show you in the coming weeks.


  1. Love your tag ...made me smile .
    Now as for that jumper ....brilliant ...your dad would be mad not to love it. You should be so proud of your self.
    Even when I did knit 30 years ago I stuck to round necks but played with making up Fairisle patterens for interest. When I thought I could still knit lol I bought a pattern for a similar style of jumper Aged 2-5 years .... must dig it out for you.
    Have fun with the babt knitting ...atleast its only one this time xx

  2. I love this! The hard work was worth it :) I've heard alot of bad things about Debbie Bliss, which for the price is pretty bad! Look forward to seeing what you're making :) Jenny x