Sunday, 20 June 2010

What's on my needles

Well, it'll come as no surprise that I'm still hard at work on the jumper. I've finished the back and have made a good deal of headway on the front. But, sooner than expected, I've run into problems. In fact, the problem occurred ridiculously early in the knitting and has only just been spotted. Some of you who are more eagle-eyed might have noticed a slight oddity in the first picture I posted of this folly, but I myself didn't notice until I started knitting the front. The problem lies in the ribbing at the bottom of the jumper.

This is the ribbing on the back.

And this is the ribbing on the front.
Spot the difference. Anyone? Well, as is painfully obvious, the ribbing on the back is non existent. In real life, it does have a slight ribbed look to it, but not nearly elasticated enough to serve its purpose, so the back of this jumper is going to gape. And how did this happen? Simple. I counted on two stitches too many and didn't realise my mistake. Counting out 108 stitches can easily be messed up and I honestly thought I had cast on the right amount. And given my niave knitting style, I assumed that this was how it was supposed to look - I blindly followed a pattern even though the stitches were insanely tight and I knew that this was not how proper ribbing was knitted.
Apparently, though, the recipient of this woollen monstrosity will be thrilled with it, for reasons best known to himself. So all's well that ends well, right? Well, it's not entirely straight forward from here on in as I foolishly chose a design with a collar and buttons for my first attempt at jumper knitting. I can't really make sense of the pattern and I had to look up online what a placket was. So the front may still go a bit wrong.
In unrelated news, I will soon be the proprietress of an Etsy shop. Not selling poorly knitted jumpers, obviously. Rather it will be selling photographic prints. I know - epically fancy, right? I will be representing a member of my family who is a dab hand with a camera but a bit lousy with the ol' interwebs. So stay tuned for more on that.

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  1. You really should sell your hats and mittens ...they are brilliant ... jumpers thats another matter ...I think you were a little adventurous ...round necks are a lot easier as I remember lol xx