Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mittens and babies and cats ... oh my!

After 2 or 3 (or more truthfully, 40 or 50) false starts, I finally got the hang of knitting in the round on 4 dpns. For anyone still struggling with this, there are some fantastic videos on youtube that I found a great help - actually seeing a demonstration makes it much easier to master yourself. It's definitely tricky, especially when knitting tiny mittens or socks, but bear with it because it is a rewarding technique. I suceeded in making a pair of mittens for each of my twins - one in red and one in green.


After knitting nifty little i-cords to thread through their jackets, I proudly hung up their winter clothes in the hall. This proved to be a massive mistake. Several days later, a mitten became detached from it's i-cord. Just shoddy sewing, right?

Then, the following week, I noticed chubby little baby fingers poking through the top of my lovingly crafted mittens. Oh no! A frantic DIY job in the street and some unskilled repairs when we got home seemed to solve the problem.

Just when I was beginning to lament the durability of my first ever pair of mittens, the mystery was solved. One evening I heard a stange scratching in the hallway and when I plucked up enough courage to stick my head round the door, I was confronted with our newest kitten attacking the dangling mittens with gusto!


The sad, shabby little mittens managed to last the winter, but the knitting destroyer is still at large. This week she managed to find the previously mentioned jumper and chew through my working yarn - this means war!!


  1. LOL harley...... she's such a cutie!! glad you found the culprit :D

  2. Ahhh....the joy of cats lol ...love your blog ...keep at it ...love the way you write.