Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The little hat that couldn't

Last autumn I decided to knit winter hats for my twin sons. I can never find anything I like in shops - baby clothes seem to come in a variety of bland pastels or irritating 'themes'. Usually doggies. I was determined that they would have something cool to wear. So I found a ton of really cute little hat patterns, found some leftover wool and started with gusto.

The fly in the ointment was my sons' enormous heads. I'm not kidding. These kids are small, but their noggins are massive!

The resulting little red hat just wouldn't fit!! I was devastated. It took me quite a while to knit it on two needles and then sew it up afterwards (which is my biggest pet hate). This was before I had learned to knit in the round.

And it's not half bad.

Poor little rejected hat! It now sits forlornly at the bottom of my knitting bag. But with a new baby due in August, who knows! Maybe he won't be cursed with a giant head and he can help this little hat fulfill it's destiny.

So there you go, sometimes despite no dropped stitches, pattern mistakes or loose threads, you can still create a bit of a disaster.

Can you do better? The pattern for this hat is here.

Other cute hats I should've used, but didn't:

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Triceratops Hat

Stripey Baby Beret

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  1. As you know ...I am a totally failed knitter now a days ...not sure how ... I managed to knit endless patterened jumpers in the '70s ...with out a pattern ... but any talent I had has gone ...forever.
    I love your baby hats xx